Frequently Asked Questions

Are all the games on The School Bell free?

Most of the games are. We charge only for a few of the games. Full version games cannot be played unless you deposit payment online.


What kind of games are available?

BigRhinos offers a lot of games with separate content for children aged 4 to 16. We have focused the content on the syllabus followed by popular english medium schools in Dhaka. We follow the latest syllabus of Sunnydale, Mastermind, Scholastica, South Point, etc.


How do I know whether a game is paid? How do I know the cost?

If a game is paid, that game will have a yellow sticker to its left showing the price.


Is there any demo or trial version for the paid games?

We are extremely sorry, but we do not yet offer any trial or demo version for the paid games.


How do you accept payments?

Pay by bKash to 01732 04 91 41. We will activate your game within 2 hours automatically, send you a confirmation email and SMS and you can start playing.


How do I start playing?

Just click any game on our site, go to its page and click the ‘Start Playing’ button!


I do not see any save button in any of the games.

If are a registered user, your progress is saved automatically by our system. You do not have to do this manually.

We cannot save the progress of unregistered users. You must register for the save system to work.


I still have some questions.

Your feedback will only help us improve. Please reach out to us by

  • dialling 01705 56 61 05, 01732 04 91 41,
  • or send an email to

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